How to Unlock Boot Loader HTC Sensation

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How to  To S-OFF / Unlock Boot Loader  your HTC Sensation
Working for :
Revolutionary currently supports the following Android phones and HBOOT versions:

HTC Desire (bravo) 0.93.0001
HTC Desire CDMA (bravoc) 1.06.0000
HTC Wildfire (buzz) 1.01.0001
HTC Aria (liberty) 1.02.0000
HTC Incredible S (vivo) 1.09.0000 and 1.13.0000
HTC Droid Incredible 2 (vivow) 0.97.0000
HTC Desire S (saga) 0.98.0000 and 0.98.0002
HTC View (express) 1.09.0000 and 1.13.0000
HTC Flyer (flyer) 1.10.0000
HTC Sensation (pyramid) 1.17.0006, .0008, .0011 and .0012
HTC Evo 3D (shooter) 1.30.0000 and 1.40.0000
Revolutionary will permanently unlock NAND write protection by default on the following phones:

HTC Sensation (pyramid)
HTC Evo 3D (shooter)
download the application for your operating System.
YOU MAY NEED TO DISABLE YOUR ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM- Norton is flagging up Revolutionary as a Virus when it isn’t

Fill out the form under the download links with your OS, Device, Hboot Version and Serial number. This will give your beta key to enable you to S – OFF. Make a note of this.

Once You downloaded the application:
1- Go to Settings on your phone and
     a- Power>Uncheck Fast Boot
     b-Then Settings>Applications>Developmet>Check USB Debugging On

2- Connect your phone to the computer and run the program downloaded .
It will give info regarding your phone model, bootlader version. Fill up the form on revolutionary website which will generate a key for you.

Once you have your key generated enter it on the command window of the software and click enter. It will complete unlocking the bootlader and will promt your to install Clockworkmod recovery as well.
Your HTC Sensation now has S-Off / Unlocked Bootlader!!!!

Now that you have unlocked boot loader and clowckwork recovery on your HTC sensation.  I will tell you  how you root your htc sensation