Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update Coming Soon [June]

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Android 4.3 is expected to arrive in June/July this year! Android 4.3 update is a minor upgrade from 4.2.2 with most of the emphasis given on API improvements for developers. This could be the only reason why Google did not announce it at their recent Google 2013 I/O event.

The Android 4.3 is expected to be launched on 10th of June most probably on White Nexus 4 . Since it is a minor upgrade not much is known about it. However, Android 4.3 version is expected to have three major changes:

1- API Improvements for developers
2- Support for BlueTooth Smart
3-Opengl ES 3.0 Support.

While there are some other reports as well, stating that White Nexus 4 would not get 4.3 android, rather it will debut on Nexus 7 to be launched In July this year.

white nexus 4

Mountain View based company recently announced Google Play Games, Improved Google Maps, Hangouts and Google Play All Music Access but they are not expected to be launched in sync with Android Os upgrades. Rather, they will come directly to you Via Google Play updates for Apps.

This leaves us with speculations about Android Key Lime Pie  or Android 5.0. This time Google did manage to maintain the “blanket of secrecy” on their next upcoming major Android OS upgrade. It is being guessed that Android Key Lime Pie / Android 5.0 might get launched together with Google Nexus 5 in September/October this year commemorating 5 years since Android was launched!