Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9200 (6.3) & GT-I9152 (5.8)

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Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung is all set to launch its Galaxy Mega Series, after having enormous success with its Galaxy Note series Samsung has decided to carve a new niche in handheld devices mainly for media consumption and named it Samsung Galaxy Mega.

Samsung will launch Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 [GT-I9592] in 22nd week of the year around May end or first week of June while Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 [GT-I9200] is slated to be launched in week 25 around June end.

Do we really need such huge handheld Smartphones, excuse me for calling them smartphone, just when I thought Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was big enough with its ginormous screen size of 5.5 inch, Samsung decided to launch a mammoth 6.3 inc device and have balls to call it a phone. I think they are stretching it a bit too much. Or am i expected to carry like 3 devices with me all the time?? Good thing about Samsung galaxy note 2 was that it was perfect replacement for my laptop, phone and tablet all in one device especially if I have to be very mobile and do not want to carry my tablet or laptop that bogs down my mobility. But these Megaphones wont solve any purpose rather will add to the bulk. Waterproof Smartphones and dust proof phones makes sense, but this one just blows my mind

Lets Imagine, if I am carrying a 6.3 inch Samsung Megaphone, I need to have my normal phone as well, the last thing Samsung would expect from there consumers is to talk with these mammoth megaphones in public. So I need to carry two devices, It does not come with S-pen features so I might be tempted to carry my laptop as well, that makes it three. All I can expect from such huge handheld “THINGS” is that it can replace your tablet when you want to be ULTRAMOBILE,  Does this solve any purpose, Absolutely NOT. You see Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was big, but It solved some mobility issues, It was one productive mobile device with which you could do a little bit of everything you do on your other devices (Phone, Laptops, Tablets) separately and that was SMART. Mega Is Dumb!
                                Galaxy Mega

Now that I have rambled a lot, let us come to specification of the mammoth. Both 6.3 and 5.8 inch Megaphones will have 8 megapixel back shooter and have features like Sound and shot and Drama Shot while Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 will come with HD 6.3 inch HD screen powered by 3300 mAh battery running possible on Android 4.2 Jelly and 1.7 Ghz dual core processor, Its smaller sibling will have a qHD screen running on dual core 1.4 hz CPU and a smaller 2600 mAh battery!

Now Samsung thinks otherwise, they say it is for people who are media hungry and these devices will be mainly for media consumption and yes making phone calls. Well, from the above specs, it seems like all they did is just stretched the screen size added an old dual core processor and expecting consumers to buy them. I think they will if its priced competitively. To tell you the truth, I do not know if it will be a successful product or not, Samsung was trashed by media and tech gurus when they launched Samsung Galaxy Note, but they proved every one wrong! Lets See how these MEGAPHONES pan out for Samsung in future.


Let me know your thoughts and If you are willing to use these devices to make and receive calls? Comment below!