Best Cell Phone Number Lookup App for Android

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True Caller is the best phone number look up app for Android. In this article I could have easily provided you list of 5 best apps for looking up phone numbers, but I decided to write about the best one. TrueCaller works differently and that is why it is so accurate in identifying unknown phone numbers and the best part is that it is absolutely free.So what is TrueCaller?

TrueCaller is a multiplatform application that identifies:

  • Name of the person calling
  • Location (City and Country)
  • Photograph of the person

True caller notifies you with an unobtrusive display message whenever their is an incoming call or message from an unknown person or company.

cell phone number lookup app

Cell Phone Number Lookup App : TrueCaller

The phone directory is build by the phone users! The app has permission to read your and others (people who have downloaded TrueCaller) phone contacts and build a common usable phone directory with their names! As of now True caller has 979,078,265 people in their directory. The directory is build from the phone contacts, Facebook, Twitter and email contacts.

For example:

You have an incoming call from “A” who is unknown to you. While “A” might be unknown to you, but the person might be known to one of your friend, or anyone in this world who has TrueCaller installed and shared his/her contacts. So the app will look up its database and display the name and location of the person.

Privacy Issues:

Even when you agree to share phone contacts with the true caller application they make it sure that the data is only used for the purpose its taken for. It is part of their privacy policy. True caller never uploads the photograph of the person from your contacts. The photograph is displayed only of a person who chooses or uploads his/her photo in the true caller profile page.

Implication and Usage:

This app not only helps in identifying the person calling you, but you can tag a person/company as spam. Many people get spam calls or messages from advertising companies from similar number, If any true caller user has tagged it as spam it will automatically show up when you receive call from that number. So, you already know that a particular number is a spam or some marketing call that you do not need to receive. You have the ability to block calls from that number as well.


No application is perfect! Well, this limitation is based on the type of network you are using rather than the limitation of the application itself. If you are using a 2G network, the data automatically disconnects when you are on a voice call or whenever you get an incoming call notification. Since TrueCaller needs data to look up phone number as soon as incoming call comes, on a 2G network it wont be able to perform the search as data and voice does not work simultaneously.

How can you Use TrueCaller?

TrueCaller App is available on:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Blackberry
  • Webpage
  • Symbian Phones
  • Windows Phone

You can download the TrueCaller application from their official website or from your operating system specific App store.