How To Unlock Android Phone After Too Many Pattern Attempts Without Gmail

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So, you are locked out of your Android Smartphone because you tried too many incorrect patterns for unlocking the phone. Android prompted to enter your Gmail account username and password, but for some strange reason it wont accept it. The good news is you can still unlock the phone by doing a Hard factory data reset and will be able to use your android smartphone once again. The bad news is you will loose all the data saved on your device. The microSD data will remain intact, but still I would advice you to remove the microSD for doing the procedure.Switch off your Android Phone, remove the battery for 3-5 seconds. Insert the battery again and do not switch on the device.

First things first. You need to get into the Android System recovery to Hard reset your android phone. There is a specific method to do this for different manufacturers


Press and hold Volume Up + Home  key then also hold Power key. Keep holding all the three buttons till you feel the vibration or see samsung logo. As soon as you see the logo release the Power Key and keep holding the Volume Up key and Home Key. After few seconds you will land up into Android System Recovery.


Hold down the Volume Up first keep holding it then, now also hold power key. keep holding both the keys till the phone turns on into android system recovery mode. Now use Volume Up and Down Key to highlight recovery mode and then press Power Key to Select it


Hold down the Volume up + Volume Down Key simultaneously, now also hold the Power key as well, keep holding all the three buttons until you land up in recovery mode. The Micromax phone will ask you to press the Volume Up key once to select the Recovery Option

Google Nexus 

Press Volume down + Power Key till the phone vibrates. Now select the recovery option by moving Volume Up and Down Key and selecting the option by power button. You will an Android guy with an exclamation mark. Then Press and hold power key then Volume Up key to land up into Android recovery mode.

Now for any reason you do not see your phone in the above mentioned Manufacturers you can always Google How to Hard Factory Reset “Your Device and Model”

Once you are in recovery mode, the touch screen does not work. Use Volume Up and Down Key to highlight “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset”  and then press Power key to Start Factory Data reset. For Micromax devices you can navigate the options using Volume Up and Down Key and to select Factory Data Reset you have to press Menu Key present on extreme left bottom.

Once factory data reset is done, your android phone will be as new as it can get. You can start using your device again.

  • phunk sulit

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  • blossom

    i did all that i felt the vibration but i did not c anything appear so what do i do

  • Guest

    i did all what urall ask me to do i felt the vibration but i did not c nothing appear so what do i do

  • nimi

    micromax canvas viva…..please help me… to unlock the phone….

  • Gursharan

    How to unlock spice mi-502 android phone?? please help me!!!!!!!!!!

  • jooyeon

    How about the samsung galaxy y duos?

  • bil

    “6- Since the 1st step we got connected to the net.” what??? how??

  • Amaresh Narayanan

    How did you turned the nerwork ON? I am not able to enable network on my samsung galaxy ace duos

  • ankur

    thanks alot.. It works for me.. with samsung phone.. Many many thanks..

  • Tousif Iqbal

    Well Guys I ve come up with a simple yet effective solution for this great great problem. Just browse google for Moborobo app. Download it on ur PC or lappy, Install it. Now Follow the steps.
    1. Connect ur Android Phone through USB to the PC.
    2. Moborobo will detect ur Device. (Don worry it ll detect Automatically).
    3 Now there are several options, go for Backup/Restore.
    4. Backup the contents u want to, it includes Contacts, Messages as well as Apps.
    5. Once Backup is done check out the backup contents at the file location u ve backed it up. Note u ll not see the exact files like contacts n all, it ll be some sort of windows application. U can Back it up once more in a different folder just for safety.
    6. Now the part which u dint wanted to do. Flash ur Mobile Device.
    7. Switch Off ur Device. Remove the USB cable from the device.
    8. Hold the Volume Up, Home and the Power On/Off Key together for sometime.
    9. The Company Logo will get Displayed still hold the keys together, the company logo ll be displayed again, still hold all the keys till a Black Screen with some options ll appear.
    10.Now u ll see some options in Orange color. Select the Erase all Data/Factory Reset option using the volume up/down key. Press the home or any other select key to start the process. within Seconds the Factory Reset ll be done.
    11. Now again select the Reboot option from the same menu (after Reboot u ll get back to the same Menu)
    12. After Reboot ur device ll get started from fresh.
    13. Now again connect the device to PC/Lappy through USB.
    14. Start Moborobo application. Again it ll detect the device.
    15. After detection go to the options Backup/Restore. Select Restore and the file location where u ve stored the info. Select the data u want to restore, Contacts, Messages n Apps. Then Restore it.
    Browse ur Mobile for the Data U ve Restored. Thats it Enjoy!!!. It took me 3 Days to come up with this solution, but it ll take anyone just 10mins to implement it. So whoever using this technique, after the successful attempt just mail me a thanks quote along with ur result. More Ideas are still Open, if someone comes with a much simpler Idea, everyone ll be thankful. Tousif Iqbal

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