Android Tethering : Create a WiFi HotSpot Using Android Phone

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android tethering

WiFi tethering in Android is a method by which you create a WiFi hotspot using your Android phone and then connecting up to 5 WiFi enabled devices for sharing data connection. Let us say if you have a WiFi device, an iPad or a laptop but not around a WiFi connection you can use your android phone to create a WiFi hotspot and connect your laptop or an iPad to it and use internet on that particular device.
This feature comes in handy when you urgently need an internet connection to any of your productivity device to get the job done. If you are on Android 2.2 or above WiFi tethering is built into the operating system.

Though their might be some restrictions based on your data carrier. Some carrier might actually charge extra for android tethering function, so make sure you know your data plan and then use WiFi tethering accordingly.

So, lets see how can you start using WiFi tethering function on your android phone.

  • Go to settings
  • Select Wireless & Networks (Note some devices may have slightly different settings layout)
  • Select Wifi tethering & Portable Hotspot.
  • Now before starting Android tethering make sure you have configured it properly. So select Portable WiFi hotspot settings and give any name under Network SSID (this will show up when you will be searching for WiFi connection)
  • Under Security tab choose type of security you want (Make sure its not left “open” or else anyone could access data through your WiFi hotspot and will eat up your data plan). Once you have selected type of security, protect it with a password. You will be needing this password when you connect other devices with WiFi tethering hotspot for the first time.
  • Now select or check “Portable WiFi Hotspot” and the device will create WiFi hotspot for android tethering.

You can now connect up to 5 devices with the WiFi hotspot you just created. Just search for a WiFi network on any other device, the network you created with your android phone will show up, select it, enter password and you are good to go.

Remember, WiFi tethering on Android phones might consume some extra battery, so make sure you turn off WiFi android tethering once you done with your work. You can do it by going back to settings, Wireless & Networks and then :uncheck” Portable WiFi hotspot. Another way is to go directly into the hotspot menu using your notification panel.

You can create a shortcut and add it to your home screen, so that when the next time you want to create a WiFi hotspot using your android device, you just have to click the shortcut one! No need to configure it again and again!