How To Get Emoji (Emoticons) On Android For Instagram Or Any Messaging App

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I Know your pain! Using Emoji emoticons on Android, especially if you not using Stock Android keyboard can be next to impossible. Been through several forum, tried everything! It just does not work. Sometimes simple things like posting Emoji emoticons on Instagram can be so difficult even on an advanced operating system like Android.Unfortunately, their is just one workaround, but it works. quit searching and do exactly as I instruct.

Step by Step Guide on How To Get Emoji Emoticons On Android For Instagram or Any Messaging Service.

  • Download Kii Keyboard from Google Play Store
  • Install It and follow the instructions, set it as your default keyboard

Go to Settings>Language & Input>Kii Keyboard Settings>Key Board Plugins. Now click on Emoji Plugin and it will install Handcent Emoji Plugin!

Emoji Emoticons for Android
Make Sure Emoji Plugin is Installed & You Have Checked “Use iOS6 Emoji”

Once it is installed you can go to Instagram and type your message using Kii Keyboard. To access Emoji Emoticons “Long Press 123 button” and select the Emoji Icon to access the Emoji Emoticons!

No matter what application you are using Instagram or any other, as long as you are using Kii Keyboard with Handcent Emoji plugin you can post Emoji Emoticons without any trouble!

  • S. 3.

    FINALLY!!, something works!! THAAANKSSS

  • John

    thanks for the walk-through! Just a quick question; do you know if it is possible to NOT select the “use iOS6″ and then get the slicker Android emojis..?

  • Trinidad triang├╝lar

    thanks!!!!!!!!! <3

  • abutler

    under key board settings I do not see the Emoji plugin….??

  • Cj

    I tried this on moto x phone but long pressing the 123 button always starts the speaker setting. Anyway around that?