How To Increase RAM On Android Phone

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RAM of an Android Phone can be increased by creating a virtual RAM on SD Card of Android Phone. This process of increasing RAM can be done by using Apps that allow you to create virtual RAMs. RAM is the part of Android phone’s Internal memory that is allocated to perform various task. RAM is essential for multitasking, especially on Android Platform as the OS has great multitasking feature built into it. Bigger the RAM faster the processing power of Android phone.Most of the Android Phones come with inbuilt RAM anywhere between 512 MB to 2 GB. If you have any high end Android Phone, chances are you have 2 GB of RAM. Unfortunately more than 80% of the Android phone have RAM in range of 512 MB to 1 GB. Although 1 GB of RAM might be enough for day to day use, but you must have noticed your Android Phone slowing down by the end of the day or until you restart it again.In this article I will concentrate on How to Increase RAM on Android Phones. Ideally it is not possible as RAM is allocated within the internal memory of Android device, but their are third party Applications which can allocate the RAM to your SD card instead of your Phone’s internal memory, thus giving you a choice to increase your RAM up to 4 GB.

Though, theoretically their is nothing wrong in Increasing RAM of any Android phone through this method, their are some limitations. You must make sure that the SD card you are using is a high speed SD card. Preferably class 10 or above. The Memory card should have enough space, personally I would recommend 32 GB class 10 SD card for increasing RAM. Also, you device should be rooted.

Now that you have all the pre-requisites lets increase RAM on your Android Phone. We will use Roehsoft RAM expander which will create a SWAP file on your SD card and create a virtual RAM on your micro SD card.

  • First Download and Check if your Kernel is compatible to create a SWAP file on your SD Card. For this you have can download memory info & Swapfile Check app
  • Once installed, open it and click the bottom tab of the App which says “Start RAM Expander Test” , choose your SD card and the app will start the check and let you know if kernel of your Android phone is compatible to Increase RAM using RAM Expander.
  • If your Android device pass this test, go to ROEHSOFT RAM Expander , download and install it. It is a paid app, but it is worth the price.
  • Once installed, choose your language and click on the “optimal” option, unless you know what you are doing. Once the installation process is done, your RAM will increase. You can allocate up to 4 GB of your External SD Card to work as virtual RAM.

If your phone is not compatible for increasing RAM, their is a work around, you can go to Google Play Store and download  RAM Booster. This app works in a different way to increase RAM of Android phone. RAM booster, kills the low priority tasks and efficiently allocates it to high priority tasks thus making sure that your Android phone never runs out of RAM.