How to Turn Off [Disable] Camera Shutter Sound on Android Phones

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If you are an Android Smart phone user and annoyed with the camera shutter sound, you can possibly turn it off. Most of the Android phones have this feature of manually turning off or disabling the camera shutter “click” sound it produces when you take photographs. But, sometimes due to regional laws and the carrier contract this feature might not be present in your smartphone. So in this article I will tell you how to manually disable the camera shutter sound.

Method 1: Disabling Camera Sound from Camera Settings Menu

If you are lucky, you can simply open your native camera application, in the camera user interface go to settings and you will find an option to disable the camera shutter sound. Once the shutter sound is turned off, it will not produce the ‘click’ sound whenever you take a picture.

Method 2: Turning Off Camera Shutter Sound in Silent or Vibration Mode

If you can not find the option of turning of the camera shutter sound in the camera settings their is a work around and it works with most of the Android devices, specially Samsung Galaxy phones [S3, S4, Note & Note 2]. Before opening the camera application press the volume key [when the phone is unlocked] and reduce the volume to zero or until it goes to vibration mode. Or you can simple put the phone in silent or vibration mode before opening the camera application. Now open the camera app and take photographs, chances are that the camera shutter sound will be muted after you put the phone in silent or vibration mode.

Method 3: Using a Third Part Application to Disable Camera Shutter Sound

If you are unable to mute camera shutter sound with method 2 and do not want to dive into the dirty, time consuming, head scratching business of rooting your device, the best method to turn off camera shutter sound of your android phone is by using third party camera application. There are plenty of camera asps available on Google play store which you can download for free and from the application itself you can mute the camera shutter sound and take photos. The only drawback would be that you Will not be using the stock camera application whenever you want to take photos with muted camera shutter sound. Applications like Silent Camera or the Pudding Camera allows you to mute or silent the camera sound while taking pictures.Method 4: Taking Muted Snapshots while Shooting Video

Some new android phones like Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note series allows you to take snapshots while taking video. Well, when you take snapshots while taking videos the camera does not produce shutter sound. If it did, the camera clicking sound would come in the actual video. So you can try taking pictures with already turned off camera sound while you taking videos. I know, it is not a solution, but I thought you should know this feature!

Method 5: Rooting Your Android Phone and Changing the Sound File to Mute Camera Sound

You can always root your device and modify the internal sound file that produces the camera shutter sound. Basically there are two ways to do it. First, is to identify the files that encodes the command of producing the camera sound and then you can either delete or change the name of the file so that it becomes unusable. Make sure you have make a copy and save it in your SD card before deleting or modifying it. The other way is to making changes in that particular way that it creates an additional menu in camera settings so that it starts to display the option of turning off and on the camera shutter sound. Rooting should be done if you completely comfortable with it and know the risk involved. You can either brick your android phone or void your warranty. For Rooting and making these complicated modifications I would suggest your to go to XDA developers website and see how it is done.

Otherwise, you can always choose any method, from method one to four to turn off or disable camera shutter sound on any Android phone