Motorola Droid Ultra [XT1080] on Verizon Wireless

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motorola droid ultra

Motorola Droid Ultra XT-1080 gets a face and the best thing you can see the high resolution leaked images. The slim version of Motorola Droid Maxx. The Droid Ultra is expected to be the next generation model of last years Motorola Droid Razr. @evaleaks leaked the images of the new Motorola Android smart phone.

Motorola Droid Ultra has a beautiful Kevlar back or the carbon fiber back. The phone is expected to be ultra slim as the name suggests with a non removable battery. Though the exact specifications of the new Droid Ultra is yest to be conformed, this time Motorola is backing on its new camera technology. The 10 megapixel RBGC sensor is said to handle the low light and white balance much better than the normal RBG sensor. In the year 2013 we have seen some amazing camera phones coming out with new technology, floating lenses, Ultrapixelation and what not. It turns out, Smartphone camera can be fantastic in some conditions (ex: low light) and poor in another. A camera sensor which does more than decent job in all type of condition is loved most. I am still skeptical about the 10 Megapixel RBGC sensor, as the recent leaked camera shots were not that impressive. Yes, if you waiting for Motorola Moto X, it has the same sensor as well.

The long association of the Motorola Droid series and Verizon wireless continues, as expected the new flagship android device from Motorola will be available exclusively on Verizon Wireless. This time around we see the ugly Verizon logo just on the back! Remember the Galaxy Note 2??

Motorola Droid Ultra XT-1080 is expected to be officially launched on July 11th 2013. We will get to know more about the device by then.