Top 3 Best Battery Saver App for Android

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You can use best battery saver app for Android Phone to increase battery life of your phone. Android Phone’s worst problem is its Battery. The powerful Android Operating System is complimented by insanely powerful processor and beautiful HD displays, all taking its toll on battery life. In the past couple of years we have seen tremendous improvement in Android OS, Processing power & Display of Android devices, but unfortunately Battery technology is still the same. Lithium Ion Batteries which we have been using since mankind invented Cell phones. Larger batteries using same technology seems to be our only option. The Battery power is limited to the form factor of the battery which in turn is limited to the overall dimensions of the Android device. Bigger the Android device, chances are bigger the battery (As you have more space to squeeze in large battery).

Anyway, I have talked a lot on this topic, Time to cut the chase and come to the point.Instead of listing tens of “install me and I will eat your battery instead of saving it” battery saving applications, I will recommend you just 3. All of them do what they are supposed to do, and I was pleased by their performance and functionality. Word of caution though, these applications are not magic pills, if used properly you can increase your battery life for 25-30 percent. Having said that, most of the functionality is already built into you android phones, these applications just provide an easier medium to activate or deactivate those functions and provide a sort of “Profile Modes” depending upon what you want to activate and what you want to deactivate to save the battery power.Personally, I do not use any of them, rather I do all the work manually and it works out to be more efficient for me. Read these articles and you will know how to do it your self and not rely on 3rd part applications. If you drive a manual car, you know that it can never match the automatic shifting cars. As you have all the control in the world to make it work according to your needs.

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For all the lazy guys and girls, I have listed below 3 Best Battery Saving Application. Though the app which uses root access is the best one, I have listed it 3rd in the category and 90 percent of android smartphone users do not root their phone.

Best Battery Saving Apps For Android

Du Battery Saver App By Dianxzt

du battery saving app

Du Battery Saver App from Dianxzt is the best app for saving batteries on your android devices. Personally I like it the most. Though the developer claims that you can increase the battery life of your Android device by 50% I certainly could not achieve this with the App. But I did manage to increase battery life of my Android phone by 25-30 percent. The best function of this application is that you will have the “Preset” modes that you can activate with a tap of a button and you will be good to go. The widgets and graphics of this battery saving app is excellent as well. Their is “My Mode” as well, which can be used to change the settings according to your needs and profile. The Du Battery saver application has and “Optimize” option, which can be used to run the diagnostic for the apps that are draining out your battery. Once diagnostic is completed you will have an option to check or un-check these processes to maximize your battery life
Rating : 4.6 by 180 k users! Download Du battery saver app from Google Play Store

Easy Battery Saver By 2Easy Team

easy battery saver

Easy battery saver is another nice application that you can use to increase battery life on your Android phone. This application also has preset profiles that you can activate to decrease the unwanted battery drain. It has 5 preset battery saving mode. The normal mode, General power saving mode, Intelligent battery saving mode and advanced customized mode. The advanced customized mode if for manual battery saving profile, where you can enter all that you want to turn off for increasing the battery life of your Android device.

Easy Battery Saver has an intelligent mode, which can adjust screen brightness, network and wireless connectivity and screen time out to manage the battery usage efficiently. Easy battery saver also stops the unwanted battery drain while you are sleeping by deactivating all the unwanted applications and connectivity options.
Rating: 4.6 by 770 k Users. Download Easy Battery Saver App from Google Play Store

Greenify For Root By Oasis Feng

greenify battery saving app for Android

Even though this is the best application for saving battery on your Android Phone and my favorite, the only reason why I have give it 3rd position is because it is only for Android Phone users who have root access. I would certainly not recommend you to root your device just to use this battery saving app. If you already have root access you do not need to search more for the best battery saving application.

With the help of Greenify battery saving application you can identify the applications which runs in the background and constantly hogging not only your RAM but draining your battery life as well. With Greenify you have the ability to stop these apps and will run only if you launch them by yourself or any other application wants to utilize it. The good thing is that, it is different from “Freeze” feature found on other application, as you can still use this apps whenever you want them. Also make sure that you never “Greenify” alarm clock, instant messaging application or any application that you use regularly.
Rating: 4.8 by 7.2 k Users. Download Greenify Battery Saver App from Google Play Store