Best Call Blocking [Blacklist] Apps For Android

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I have already discussed how to block calls on your Android phone without using third party app on different Android Phones. In this post I will tell you my 3 Best Call blocker apps for Android. These Call Blocking Apps have many functionality and must be used with caution. After all, you do not want to block your wife’s call once and forever! Now where would that end up!

Personally I use TrueCaller App for blocking unwanted calls. But I know not many of you would be comfortable with that as you have to share your contact with TrueCaller’s global directory. But it is certainly the most powerful call blocker as the numbers of many telemarketers and spam callers are being tagged each day by its users which gets updated in their global directory. I would highly recommend truecaller app for blocking unwanted calls. Hands down this is the best app not only for finding the name and location of unknown caller but also blocking spam and telemarketer’s call.Leaving aside TrueCaller, here are the best call blocker apps for Android

Mr Number-Block Calls, Texts by Mr Number:

call blocking apps
Image: Google Play Store

After TrueCaller this is the best call blocking app for android devices. The best thing about this app is that just like TrueCaller, reverse phone number look up is built in to the app as well as social tagging, That means if sum one has tagged a particular number as spam it will be shown to you when they call you. You can reject the call and add it your spam list so that the calls are blocked for ever from that number.

You also have the ability to block calls from a particular location or area using area code, or from a particular country. It automatically intercepts calls and texts from private and unknown numbers and also warns spam calls, SMS and MMS to other users as well. You can download the app for free from Google Play store.

Calls Blacklist by Vlad Lee:

This app wins all the point for its simplicity. It does what it says very efficiently. All you have to do is download the app and install it. You can add a contact to the black list from your contact list, call logs, messages or manually add any number. Once you have saved a contact or phone number to the blacklist app they would not be able to call you anymore. You can get this call blocking app from Play Store

Call Blocker from NQ Mobile Security:

This one is another great app to block unwanted phone calls or text messages on your Android phone. Their is free version and paid “ad free” version. It does three things

  • Blocks Calls & Texts
  • Backs up Your contacts and settings and blocked lists
  • Encrypts your SMS logs and Call logs

You can add a number to black list manually or through call logs, you have the option to forward it your voice-mail or send reply SMS if you reject a call. Text messages are also blocked automatically.

Call Blocker app also has privacy eraser function from where you can delete all your call and SMS logs with just one click of a button. You can download Call Blocker App from Google Play Store. Here is the link for free version