How To Block Phone Calls On Android

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block calls androidCall Blocking feature is built-in in many Android phones. This feature can be used to block unwanted calls, telemarketers, unknown strangers or spammers. In this article I will tell you how to block unwanted calls on you android phones using built-in call blocking feature.Though, you can also use third part apps to block calls, In this article I will concentrate on how to use native call blocking or reject list feature on your Android phone. This feature can be slightly different in different Android phones, so I will try to cover most of the Android manufacturers

How to Block Calls On Samsung Phones Using Call Reject list

In Samsung Galaxy Phones their is an option of creating a “Reject List” which can block calls from whatever contacts you assign it to. For this you have to do following steps

  • Open the Contact that you want to block
  • Click the “Menu” button
  • Select “Add to Reject List”

All phone numbers will be blocked for that particular contact. If you want only selected phone number of that contact to be blocked. You have to go to Reject list and delete the number of that contact from which you want to receive calls.

You can input a number manually as well to the reject list to block calls. For this you have to go to

  • Phone App
  • Tap “Menu” button
  • Select “Auto Reject List”

Add a phone number manually. Or select a phone number while you type in the number from your contact list.

Using Blocking Mode in New Galaxy Phones

Phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 have Blocking mode which you can access by going to Setting>My Device> Blocking Mode.

Once turn on blocking mode will not let you know if sum one has called you during a particular time. The basic function of blocking mode is to limit calls during certain hours. The phone will not ring or vibrate but you will get missed call notification. Even you want to receive calls from few important people when you have set blocking mode on you can do this by adding the number in “Allowed List” in blocking mode option.

How to Block Calls On Nexus Phones

On Nexus Phones call blocking works in a different way. Actually it is not Call blocking “per se” but you can use this feature to get rid of unwanted calls. You can use Voice mail redirection if you do not want to receive calls from someone.

Open the concerned contact through People app, tap on “Menu” button and select “All calls to Voice mail” option. If that person calls you, he/she will be redirected to your voice mail automatically.

Note: If you have not set-up your voice mail the call from that particular contact will be blocked or rejected automatically

How To Block Calls On HTC Phones (HTC One)

Blocking unwanted phone calls or phone numbers is very easy on HTC One. Open “Phone App” tap on “Menu” button and select “Blocked Contacts”. You can add a number manually here or select from your Contact list to block unwanted calls.

Call blocking feature in LG & Sony Xperia Phone

LG uses reject list feature just like Samsung. You can access this by going to Settings, then select “Call” option and then “Call Reject”. You can activate this option to block calls from all people or manually add number to reject list to block calls from any particular contact

Sony Xperia devices call blocking is little tricky. The feature is called as “Call Barring”. This option is on HTC devices as well. Through this you can block outgoing as well as incoming calls. There are different options like blocking outgoing international calls, All out going calls or incoming calls while on roaming. You have to activate this service through a user generated ¬†password

You can also use third part apps from Google Play Store to block calls on your Android phone. For this I will be reviewing best call blocking Android Apps. Stay tuned!